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Riken Tyres

Today, there are hundreds or tyre manufacturers all around the world producing some of the most technologically advanced, safe, and fuel-efficient tyres. Amongst them, Riken is one of the most well-known brands in the UK. Riken is a Japanese tyre manufacturer in a tie-up with the Michelin Corporation since 1992. They export their products to more than 170 countries, and one of their fastest growing markets is in the UK.

Riken has grown in leaps and bounds since they started selling tyres in Europe. At Star Tyres, we love them because of the quality and innovative technology they implement in their products. Our customers prefer them because of the affordability and performance Riken car tyres in Preston offer.

A brief overview of Riken

Riken started as a Physical Science and Chemical research giant in Japan. Soon afterwards, they began manufacturing tyres and grew exponentially within a few years. Riken produces high-quality tyres for passenger cars, vans, and trucks. We especially prefer Riken because they cater to the unique requirement of British car owners, carefully accounting the infamous British weather and making products suitable for diverse climatic conditions.

Our collection of Riken’s products

When you visit Star Tyres, you will find a wide range of Riken car tyres in Preston suitable for different categories of vehicles. We stock tyres ideal for summer and winter months, along with Riken’s line-up of all-season tyres. Here is a brief list of the different products that we have to offer.

Summer tyres – Summer tyres are made from a harder rubber material, sporting multiple treads running along its length and sipes running till its edge to minimise aquaplaning. Riken manufactures a long line of car tyres suitable for summer time.

For sedans and hatchbacks, you can choose between Riken Road, Riken Road Performance, and Riken AllStar2. All these provide excellent grip over the dry and warm tarmac.

For SUVs, Riken 701 and Riken Road Terrain will be an ideal choice. 701 is perfect for on-road driving, whereas the Road Terrain offers excellent on/off-road capability with its large grooves and reinforced structure.

Winter tyres – Winter tyres are made from a softer rubber compound to prevent it from freezing solid when the temperature is sub-zero. These also come with larger, directional grooves that bite into the snow for maximum traction.

Riken manufactures Riken Snow and Riken Stud2 for tackling the British winters. Both fit passenger cars and offers unmatched stability and grip even in the worst climatic conditions.

For SUVs, you can choose from Riken SUV Snow and Riken SUV Stud. The wider contact patch, large grooves, and larger sidewalls help your vehicle perform optimally while staying safe.

All-season tyres – The Riken All Season is their premier all-season tyre, available at our garage at exclusive prices. It is specially designed for passenger cars; the unique rubber compound and tread design allows it to handle most weather conditions with ease.

Think Riken, think us

If you are looking for a set of Riken car tyres in Preston, bring your car to our garage today and browse through the full range of products that we have to offer. Star Tyres have a team of expert technicians who will assist you to choose and install the most suitable product for your vehicle.

You can also buy Riken tyres online. Just enter your car’s specification and make your purchase from our website.