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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

SUVs are different beasts altogether from standard sedans or coupes. They are heavier, have a higher power output and are generally suitable for both on and off-roading. These features require SUV tyres to be different than passenger tyres in key parameters.

At Star Tyres, we have a comprehensive collection of tyres fit for SUVs and 4x4 vehicles. These tyres are from global tyre giants like Goodyear, Continental and Michelin, available at the best price points in this region.

Why special tyres for SUVs?

At this point, you might be wondering why you can’t fit standard car tyres on your SUV. After all, how different can the two be? A lot, it turns out.

  • Rubber compound

As the weight of a vehicle increases, its tyres need to be proportionately harder to support the extra load. SUV and 4x4 tyres are made from a harder compound of rubber compared to standard car tyres.

  • Tread patterns

SUV tyres usually have square tread blocks as opposed to the lateral grooves of passenger car tyres. It allows an increased pound/sq. Inch force which enables it to grip uneven surfaces better.

  • Speed rating

Although it’s not universal, SUV tyres have lower speed ratings than their passenger car counterparts. It has to do with the squared tread pattern, which is less capable of dissipating heat at higher speeds.

  • Sidewall construction

SUV tyres are larger in size and as are their sidewalls. To handle the additional load of the car and prevent the sidewalls from flexing, hard compounds of rubber are used in their construction. Apart from enhancing the car’s cornering performance, the robust sidewalls are also instrumental in avoiding damage to the tyres.

All these features make these tyres indispensable for your SUV or 4x4 vehicles. A standard passenger car tyre is simply inadequate for the purpose.

SUV car tyres at Star Tyres

Get your hands on the complete range of SUV or 4x4 tyres at Star Tyres in Preston. Our in-house experts individually inspect all our SUV tyres for assured quality. Let them assist you in making the right choice for your car.

Once you buy a set of tyres from us, you can get them fitted at our garage itself or opt for our mobile tyre fitting service if you are within 20 miles of our workshop.