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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

The warm summers of the UK warrant the use of summer tyres. These tyres are optimised to perform when the temperature consistently remains above 7°C. At Star Tyres, we stock the most exhaustible range of summer tyres for all types of vehicles.

Summer tyres are different from other classes of car tyres in Preston in a lot of ways. They are usually made from a harder grade of rubber which can tackle the extreme heat of the tarmac. They also have shallower grooves, instrumental for effective hydroplaning purposes. The absence of sipes makes these tyres distinctly different from winter and some models of all-season variants.

Why buy summer tyres from Star Tyres?

Summer tyres are inarguably the most predominant types of car tyres in Preston, so much so that they are considered the standard tyres for all vehicles. The popularity of summer tyres stems from the fact that they offer impeccable performance when the weather is favourable. Going by the British weather pattern, that’s around 7-8 months on average every year.

Almost every tyre manufacturer has a selection of summer tyres in their catalogue. At our garage, we store summer tyres from most of the dominating brands in the world. Although summer tyre prices in Preston is on the higher side, their superior performance coupled with class-leading durability more than compensates for it.

To make the deal even sweeter for our customers, we offer all tyre related services at our workshop. So, you can buy your next set of summer tyres from us and get them fitted right here. If you need it, we will also perform wheel alignment and balancing to ensure that you get the smoothest ride once you leave our workshop. Moreover, we also deal in part-worn tyres. Our in-house experts thoroughly test these budget-friendly tyres for quality, safety, and performance. All such tyres have tread depth exceeding 5mm so that your safety is never compromised.

Summer tyres in our catalogue

We have stacked our inventory with summer tyres from almost every major manufacturer globally. So, you don’t have to worry about the lack of options when you come to purchase your next set from us. Some of the most popular brands of summer tyres you’ll find at our workshop have been listed below.

  • Roadstone
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Firestone
  • Riken
  • Nexen
  • Jinyu

These international brands cover all the bases when it comes to summer tyres. Most of these companies have manufacturing plants in Europe and manufacture tyres tailor-made for the European summer conditions. Regardless of whether you drive a Mini Cooper or a Land Rover, we have tyres in all sizes and for every type of vehicle. Do not worry if your budget is a bit low; you may check our part-worn tyres collection.

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Do not hesitate to call at the number provided on our ‘About Us’ page if you need a set of new summer tyres. You may visit our workshop or buy summer tyres online from the website as per your convenience.