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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

The road conditions in Britain alter drastically once winter sets in. It’s no longer safe or efficient to drive with summer or all-season tyres under those circumstances. Even if it doesn’t snow, the frigid temperature along with the wet tarmac makes it hard for those tyres to exert adequate grip. Fitting your car with winter tyres is paramount for safe driving.

At Star Tyres, we understand the necessity of winter tyres in Preston, and stock a wide range of these tyres to cater to the needs of our customers. These tyres have a higher concentration of natural rubber in their tread compound, which gives them a soft texture necessary for exerting grip on snowy streets. Most of these tyres also have numerous sipes spread across their body for an additional bite on snow. Our winter tyre collection boasts of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Best winter tyres in Preston

There are multiple variants of winter tyres suitable for varying road conditions, vehicle models, and performance preferences. At Star Tyres, we store all of them. Apart from brand new ones, we also sell part-worn winter tyres for our more budget-conscious patrons. These tyres have passed rigorous inspections and have been certified safe for use by our in-house experts.

However, supplying brand new tyres is our forte, and we take immense pride in stocking the most extensive range of snow car tyres in Preston. We sell the following brands at our workshop.

  • Bridgestone

Bridgestone held the numero uno status among tyre manufacturers for almost a decade. They have one of the most robust R&D department which churns out breakthrough tyre technology on a regular basis.

Our picks:

Blizzak LM-50 RFT

Blizzak WS80

Blizzak LT (for SUV/LCV)

  • Dunlop

Dunlop has a rich legacy spanning over 125 years of producing some of the most innovative tyre designs in history. It was founded by the legendary John Boyd Dunlop, who is credited with the invention of the first commercially viable pneumatic tyres. Currently, this British company enjoys massive popularity worldwide, as is evident from the fact that they are the 5th largest tyre manufacturer at present.

Our picks:

Winter Maxx WM01

SP Winter Sport 3D

Winter Sport 5 SUV

  • Pirelli

This Italian manufacturer is known as much in the racetracks as they are on the consumer market. Their innovative designs have made them the go-to brand for performance enthusiasts.

Our picks:

Ice Zero FR

Winter Sottozero

Winter Cinturato

  • Firestone

Firestone was one of the earliest American tyre companies. They were the initial suppliers for the legendary Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century. Their sheen hasn’t diminished over the years, and they remain one of the major global manufacturers even today.

Our picks:

Winterforce 2

Winter Force LT

Winterforce CV

Buy winter tyres online today

Star Tyres sells winter tyres from these brands and many more. We sell these tyres both from our workshop and online for the convenience of our clients. Visit us today for the most varied range of winter tyres in Preston.