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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres are an exhibition of the class of Italian craftsmanship. These tyres showcase the class-leading technology mastered by the company with a 137 year pedigree in producing some of the best tyres in automobile history. Star Tyres has an excellent collection of Pirelli car tyres in Preston, all of which are available at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Pirelli is known for its association with motorsports as well. It is a well-documented fact that racetracks are the ultimate test for any tyre manufacturer and Pirelli has passed that with flying colours. Some of the technologies that they use on their racing tyres trickle down to the consumer market, making them even more efficient.

Our collection of Pirelli tyres

We have a massive selection of Pirelli tyres at the disposal of our patrons. Summer, winter, all-season, performance - you name it, we have got it. You may visit our workshop on any working day to pick a set of tyres according to your requirements, or you may choose a tyre online and have it delivered to a place of your preference.

Some of the most in-demand Pirelli tyres in our collection are listed here:

P Zero: P Zero is Pirelli’s flagship tyre and arguably its most well-known model as well. It was originally designed as the OE of some of the most iconic cars such as Aston Martin DB9 (yes, the same one James Bond Drives in Spectre), Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 599 GTB Fuirano, and Audi R8 to name a few. These Max-Performance-Summer tyres have their treads moulded into a unique S-treme asymmetric pattern for enhanced wet traction and handling precision.

Ice Zero FR: Meant for family sedans, minivans, and coupes, these tyres combine stability and durability even in the worst winter conditions. The arrow-shaped directional tread design has innumerable sipes on them, providing that extra bite on ice. It has a 3PMSF symbol which means that you can drive with these tyres on extreme snow.

Note: Because of its unique design and enhanced winter performance, the manufacturer recommends using these tyres in sets of four.

Cinturato P7: The Cinturato P7 is a UHP tyre from the house of Pirelli. This tyre is an eco-friendly model that uses a unique polymer in its tread compound for lower rolling resistance. The asymmetric tread pattern enhances driving comfort and also promotes even tread wear for a long service life of the tyre.

Buy Pirelli tyres from Star Tyres

Apart from the models mentioned above, we store numerous other Pirelli tyres for the convenience of our customers. You can avail our free tyre fitting service if you purchase two or more tyres from our workshop.

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