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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

A recent study has revealed that 7 out of every 10 cars in Britain have misaligned wheels. In absolute terms, that’s an astronomical number of vehicles running on the streets with less-than-perfect alignment. The reason behind this massive number is that wheel misalignment is easy to overlook. It is often not diagnosed in time and receives no treatment whatsoever until it takes a more severe form.

Star Tyres advocate inspecting wheel alignment in Preston every six months. It coincides with the recommended tyre rotation schedule, which makes it convenient for motorists to avail both the services at once. You may also inspect your car’s wheel alignment independently if you notice it any sooner.

Why should you care about wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing accurate steering response. The ideal alignment is when all four wheels are perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another. Throughout a car’s life, this perfect alignment gets distorted, resulting in a plethora of problems.

By fixing the alignment of your wheels, you’ll reap the following benefits.

Treadwear will be minimal and even. Treads on misaligned wheels wear irregularly, mostly at the edges. It results in reduced tyre life and also increases the chances of punctures and other tyre damage.

You’ll get more mileage per litre of fuel. When tyres are misaligned, it takes the engine more power to steer your car in its intended direction, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

The steering response of your car will be accurate. It follows the last point in that you’ll have difficulty in steering your vehicle when your wheels are not facing the right direction.

The suspension system of your car will not be put under undue pressure. Despite what the name suggests, wheel alignment is not an issue of the wheels themselves but the suspension. Misaligned wheels put extra stress on the suspension system which may damage or loosen suspension parts.

Bring your car to our wheel alignment garage in Preston to inspect and fix any issues your vehicle might have. An accurate wheel alignment service can improve the performance of your car by a measurable margin.

It is worth noting here that some drivers deliberately alter the alignment of their wheels slightly to enhance specific aspects of driving. A slight toe-in, for example, can improve the cornering abilities of a car. However, it comes at a cost, some of which are mentioned above.

Bring your car to Star Tyres for cheap wheel alignment service

Aligning wheels to the pre-set parameters is one of our primary domains of expertise. We use the latest machinery available in the market to align car wheels accurately. Our experienced technicians have the know-how to perform this service in the minimum possible time.

Along with affordable wheel alignment in Preston, we perform other essential services such as wheel balancing, tyre fitting, and puncture repairs. We are also one of the largest retailers of spare car tyres in this region.

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