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Are you looking for Wheels Refurb for your vehicle?

It is often recommended to get your wheels refurbished. It gives your wheels a brand new appeal and resuscitates the feel of a new rim. It is also helpful in covering any accidental damage. If you’re looking for a fresh look for your car, this is a cheap option for you. Star Tyres offers you a do-it-yourself guide to get your own set of wheels refurb. You can also purchase all the necessary equipment right here.

Refurbishment of wheels has gained pace by the turn of the last decade. With prolonged and often uninformed usage, the wheel system suffers a lot. Not only do tyres wear, become weaker and lose grip but the rims also become weak.

You can easily replace tyres, with such a vast variety of make, model, seasons, materials, and brands available in the market. But the wheels are meant to impart strength to the only parts of the car that connect to the road. That is why, apart from alloy compositions and rim designs, you would hardly find many differences among the alloy wheels. They are not easy to replace either due to these specifications.

Why do I Need Refurbishment?

With rigorous usages, wheels tend to become weaker with age. Consequently, when a speed-bump or a pothole puts an impact on the rim, it gets damaged. Also, the constant wear fades the paintwork as well. The looks of your lovely car are ruined because of those old rims.

That is when you need wheel refurbishment. The wheels go through a complete repair and redressal treatment and get infused with a new life. Some processes even require special ovens to perform annealing.

How Does IT Happen?

Refurbishment can be done in various ways. Powder coating and wet spray combination is used for the entire wheel. Diamond-cut wheel refurbishment is essentially the same process done on a diamond-cut lathe. Lastly, alloy wheel refurbishment is a cosmetic process that works on damages in a small area of the rim.

As complex as it may sound, it is quite an interesting and quick process. The structural virtues required in a wheel are restored. Thus, your car is ready to run a new lap with all its might once again. And when every bend and lump has been dealt with, a fresh coat of paint is applied.

The best part is, you can get it done at an amazing price- a fraction of the price of new rims.

Why Star Tyres?

We, at Star Tyres, are your best buddies who understand what your wheel has gone through. The various techniques for refurbishment don’t leave any avenue for a problem to go untreated. Our team of experts have learnt, practised and evolved working in the industry. They are well versed in not only about the part or vehicle specific information but also about the new regulations or standards. That’s why they are so comfortable handling the latest technology about wheels refurb.

If you want to get your tyres straightened out, we’d be glad to assist you with that too. And with a fantastic price range for such an awesome value, it surely is the deal of the century.