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Are you looking for All Season Tyres for your vehicle?

In Preston and its surrounding areas, the temperature is seldom extreme. The summers are warm and the winters mild. Even in peak winters, it rarely falls below the freezing point. All-season tyres are the best bets in such conditions. These tyres can handle both dry and wet conditions effectively as long as the climate is not too extreme.

Since Star Tyres started its operation in Preston, its inhabitants have a reliable garage from where they can purchase all varieties of tyres, including all-season tyres in Preston. We stock both new and part-worn tyres which makes us a preferred destination for people with all kinds of budget.

Which all-season tyre to buy?

Almost every manufacturer has a comprehensive collection of all-season variants in their catalogue, which may make it confusing for you to choose the best one for your car. It is necessary to pick a set of tyres that complements your vehicle and driving preferences.

We have shortlisted some of the most popular all-season car tyres in Preston for your perusal:

Dunlop Signature HP

A UHP tyre of the highest quality, the Signature HP is ideal for drivers of performance sedans and sports cars. It has an asymmetrical tread pattern with independent tread blocks and centre ribs for effective hydroplaning resistance. The Signature HP comes with high-density twin steel belts for enhanced stability and increased durability.

Pirelli P Zero All-season

The P Zero is Pirelli’s flagship series of tyres designed to provide a class-leading experience to motorists. This UHP tyre comes with a Z speed rating, making it one of the most obvious choices for sports car and performance coupe owners. It has an M+S symbol which signifies that these tyres can be used for off-roading as well.

Riken Raptor ZR A/S

Riken combines performance-focused handling and responsive steering in its Raptor ZR. These tyres are suitable even for light snowy conditions. The arrow-shaped directional tread pattern reduces its rolling resistance and the wide lateral grooves assist in resisting hydroplaning risks.

Nexen N Priz AH8

This South Korean tyre giant is known for its performance-based tyres, and the N Priz AH8 is no different. These tyres are used as OE in numerous sedans, standard coupes, and even some pickup trucks. They offer a smooth driving experience along with gradual tread wear.

All-season tyres in Preston at the best prices

Our inventory of all-seasons is as varied as it gets. We stock both premium and budget tyres from the manufacturers mentioned above and many more. Furthermore, we have a mobile tyre-fitting unit which caters to the whole of Preston and its surrounding areas. You can also bring your car to us if you wish to perform an effective puncture repair, wheel alignment or balancing service.

Call Star Tyres today to schedule an appointment or buy tyres online from our website.