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Firestone Tyres

Are you looking for a set of car tyres that offer exceptional performance, unmatched fuel efficiency, and unparalleled safety on the road? Want something that will not break the bank and yet perform in severe conditions? Well, why don’t you take a look at our collection of Firestone car tyres in Preston?

Firestone is an American company specialising in making high-performance road and track tyres. Their products are famous for quality and budget-friendly prices, which makes Firestone a popular choice amongst the customers of Star Tyres.

You will find an extensive range of Firestone’s products on our shelves. We stock tyres for family vehicles, SUVs, and even 4x4s, and we keep several season dependent variants as well. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

For summer

Summer tyres sport deep treads running throughout its length to help with heat dissipation and road grip. Also, the shallower grooves ensure minimum friction. Firestone manufactures an array of summer tyres; here are some examples that are the most sought after products at our garage.

Roadhawk – Made from a unique rubber compound, Roadhawk offers up to 20% better wear performance than its comparable counterparts. It also earned ‘A’ rating in the EU label for wet grip. Tests show that it can reduce a vehicle’s braking distance by almost 3 meters.

Destination HP – If you own an SUV and want something that will offer high stability and exceptional mileage, go for the Destination HP. This robust SUV tyre is built to last while providing adequate road grip over a wide range of terrains.

For winter

Winter presents its own set of challenges. Snow and ice accumulation on the road increases the chance of losing control, while tyres made from harder rubber can freeze and crack under the extreme temperature.

To tackle these unique challenges, Star Tyres stocks a wide range of Firestone’s products that are capable of performing under such adverse conditions. These are some of the best sellers amongst our winter tyre collection.

Winterhawk 3 – Winterhawk 3 is designed to offer a safer, steadier performance through snow and slush thanks to its unique bi-directional sipe design. The large tread blocks offer reliable grip even on ice surfaces.

Destination Winter – Destination Winter offers a comfortable and quiet ride owing to its large contact patch, NanoProtech compound, and uninterrupted design. It is one of the best Firestone car tyres in Preston for the winter season.

For all-year use

All-season tyres are the ideal product for car owners who don’t want the hassle of changing tyres every six months. Firestone manufactures Multiseason, their premium all-season tyre for convenience and performance throughout the year.

Bring your car to our garage today

At Star Tyres, we offer you some of the highest-quality products at affordable prices. We also have a team of expert technicians who would assist you to choose the ideal product for your vehicle.

You can also purchase your Firestone tyres online. Enter your vehicle details in our websites tyre finder and see the recommended products to choose from. We provide free of charge mobile tyre fitting services on purchases of 2 or more tyres.