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Founded in 1995, Jinyu is one of the newest additions to the competitive tyre industry. However, that has not deterred Jinyu from producing some of the most innovative and long-lasting tyres available today. At our garage, you can get your hands on the entire range of Jinyu car tyres in Preston at the most amazing prices.

Their innovative and pocket-friendly approach has propelled them to be one of the largest tyre manufacturers and distributors around the globe. They are currently the 18th largest brand in the world, which is mighty impressive given the fierce competition in the tyre market and their comparatively late entry to it. They currently export their products to over 100 countries.

Bestselling Jinyu tyres at jaw-dropping prices

Jinyu works with thousands of independent retailers across globally, Star Tyres being one of the foremost. Their diverse distribution network has made them a formidable force with practically zero pounds spent on advertising and branding. The quality of their tyres speaks for themselves, which brings customers back to our garage for a repeat purchase.

Jinyu is gaining traction in Preston rapidly. The superior quality of these tyres coupled with their competitive price points makes them an irresistible pick for any motorist.

Here’s a look at some popular Jinyu car tyres in Preston:

Racing FG1

Racing FG1 is Jinyu’s Ultra-High-Performance offering. However, unlike most other UHP tyres, this one is an eco-friendly model. It incorporates advanced SBR and HD silica in its tread compound to reduce rolling resistance. Its optimised centre rib coupled with wide contact patch increases stability. The enhanced tread blocks offer improved braking and handling performance.


These tyres are fit for SUVs and light commercial vehicles. Their asymmetrical tread pattern helps in effective water dispersion, while the reinforced centre ribs ensure class-leading braking performance. Tread blocks on either side are connected by a ladder-like structure at the bottom which improves the manoeuvrability of the vehicle, especially in off-roading conditions.


A High-Performance tyre, the Extreme33 is equally adept on both wet and dry road conditions. It features asymmetrical grooves for quick dispersion of water, while the optimised tread formula makes for low rolling resistance on dry roads. The wide contact patch of these tyres ensures firm control of the vehicle along with improved cornering abilities. Jinyu’s proprietary pre-simulated pitch order further enhances driving comfort while lowering the noise emission.

Buy Jinyu tyres online

At Star Tyres, we have the entire range of Jinyu tyres at your disposal. Walk into our workshop to browse through our collection and pick the tyres that best suit your requirements. You also have the option of online purchase of these tyres from our website.

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