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Are you looking for Mobile Tyre Fitting for your vehicle?

Every ardent motorist knows the importance of mounting tyres accurately. Many people mistakenly assume that all they need is a jack and a wrench to fit tyres to their vehicles. While it was true in the past, modern tyres are infinitely more complex and require the expertise of professionals to mount. And, expertise is what we provide at Star Tyres.

As one of the leading tyre retailers, we provide swift and efficient mobile tyre fitting in Preston. we understand that even the best set of tyres won’t be able to perform at their optimum if they are not fitted properly. As such, we use the latest equipment available in the market for a quick and effective tyre fitting service. We also have a mobile tyre-fitting unit which takes house calls within a reasonable distance.

Why is professional tyre fitting necessary?

An incorrectly mounted tyre presents numerous issues detrimental to the state of your tyres. It may lead to tyre and rim damage not to mention the fall in braking and handling performance of your vehicle. The new technology implemented in tyres these days require dedicated mounting machines and professional expertise to carry out. Our technicians are all well-trained in the intricacies of mobile tyre-fitting such as:

Reverse mount tyres

These are a relatively recent development in tyre technology. These tyres require to be mounted from the back for proper bead placement. Many models of Toyota are already using these as their OE.


TPMS integrated tyres require sophisticated machinery to mount, lest you damage the small sensor embedded within it. Run-flats also need a particular mounting procedure using dedicated equipment.

Why choose us?

Star Tyres has garnered the trust of thousands of motorists with its quick, efficient, and affordable mobile tyre fitting in Preston. Our experienced technicians will come to your preferred location equipped with all the necessary equipment required for an accurate tyre fitting service.

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We offer our mobile tyre fitting services in Preston and its surrounding areas (within a 15-20 miles radius from our garage).

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Star Tyres is the favourite destination for numerous motorists in the Preston area for the quality of its products and the reliability of its service. From passenger sedans to SUVs and LCVs, there is no category of cars that we do not cater to. Call us today to book your appointment for the most competent mobile tyre fitting Preston.